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Why use a Recruitment Agency?

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Added: 12 June 2014

If companies have Human Resources managers and job seekers can find almost every position in the nation on job boards online - why would anyone need to use a recruitment agency?

As there are two types of people that use such agencies (employers and candidates) we’ll need to look at their needs individually if we’re to answer the question “why use a recruitment agency?”.

Reasons for Companies to use a Recruitment Agency

Companies are very capable of searching for and hiring their own staff. Yet employers all over the world choose to use  out-of-house consultants to find their next employee. Why is this?

Access to more valid candidates

A recruitment agency (especially one that has been in business for a number of years) has a verifiable list of people who are suitable to almost every position that is on the employment marketplace.

Not only that, but specialist agencies will be able to access people with highly specific skills in no time at all. For companies who have been struggling to fill a position or have a high turnover rate for employees, access to a more targeted group of applicants is hugely beneficial.


If a company has to replace a key person in their organisation, they might not necessarily want the media or general public to know about it. A staffing agency would be able to select appropriate candidates without having to disclose any details of the company itself to the public.


Many companies form a relationship with a recruitment agency. The agency learns everything there is to know about the company and its needs. Because the agency takes the time to do this, the company itself doesn’t have to go through the same conversation with dozens of prospective employees.

No HR - No Problem

Many businesses may not have a HR department. When it’s time for those companies to hire somebody new, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of another employee,manager or even owner of the business. This kind of interruption can have continuous follow-on effects. A recruitment agency will allow all work to continue as usual without any disruption to productivity whilst the perfect candidate is found.

Reasons for Job Seekers to use a Recruitment Agency


Many agencies offer valuable advice on such things as:

  • Writing a CV - Just because a person is amazing at what they do, doesn’t mean that they’re able to write about that fact. Many people struggle with writing a CV  that truly shows off their potential. A good recruitment consultant can help job seekers write a CV that highlights all the relevant information in a package an employer will appreciate.
  • Interviews - Agency staff know exactly what employers are looking for in a candidate. They make it their job to find out how a company works and what traits they admire in their employees. This kind of inside knowledge can be a significant advantage in an interview.

Marketplace Expertise

Employment consultants are experts in their field. They have their finger on the pulse in the world of employment and are constantly on the lookout for little whispers of activity within companies. They regularly know about job opportunities well before any adverts are posted through conventional channels. Relevant job seekers with an agency will almost certainly get first look at some jobs.


Because a recruitment agency possesses an incredible amount of information and understanding of both the employee and the employer - when a match is made it’s far more likely to be a match that lasts. Both employees and employers should benefit each other and have a long-lasting relationship.


A recruitment agency is far more than the middle man between employers and candidates. They act as council, confidant and match maker in the employment marketplace.

Affinity Appointments recruitment agency is dedicated to finding the perfect match between employee and employer - whilst saving both parties time, money and aggravation. Contact us today to see if we can help you.

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