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7 Reasons to use a Specialist Recruitment Agency

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Added: 19 May 2014

Recruitment agencies provide a number of benefits for both candidates and employers. However, not all industries are the same. And neither are recruitment agencies. This article explains what a specialist recruitment agency can offer compared to a regular agency.

What is a Specialist Recruitment Agency?

Regular recruitment agencies fill positions with companies in every business sector. They’re likely to have a broad spectrum of clients and candidates. A specialist agency concentrates on a certain industry, a certain area or both.

Affinity Appointments, for example, is industry and geographically specific because we’re an IT recruitment agency in Kent. This means that our clients and candidates all receive the following benefits.

Benefits of using a Specialist Recruitment Agency

#1 - Time saving for both parties

Searching for a job that you’re qualified for can be difficult and time consuming. A simple search online for “IT Jobs” will immediately display thousands of opportunities. But of these thousands of positions, only a minute fraction will be a valid job opportunity for the candidate due to skills, experience, salary etc.

Likewise, if a company posts an advert themselves online or via another media source, they could get thousands of applicants. But again, only a fraction of those people would have everything that the company is looking for.

A specialist recruitment agency has specific industry knowledge. It’s agents are able to look at the job, look at a candidate's CV and instantly recognise whether their skills are relative to what the company is looking for.

#2 - Specialists are Experts

An agency that has been recruiting in a certain field over a long period of time has seen every different position offered by the industry. They are bona fide experts in their field and they are the people who are in the best position to help and advise companies and employees.

Our IT recruitment company makes it our mission to find only the people who can actually go above and beyond a company’s needs.

#3 - Rigorous Screening Process

Niche agencies are able to go that little bit further with their screening process because of their vast knowledge in and about the industry. They’re able to use advanced tests and skill reports to whittle down the sea of candidates to the few who may really be made for the job.

#4 - Less annoying for old employers/referees

Some candidates seem to tick all the boxes with their CV almost immediately. If they upload their CV online or send it to a regular recruitment agency, this could easily result in many calls to their old employers or referees.

A niche agency tackles this problem in two ways:

  • Experience in matching clients along with rigorous screening process means that specialist recruitment agencies are better at evaluating a candidate’s compatibility with a company.
  • The agency is point of contact for all parties. They can contact a referee for one candidate and relay their findings to several potential employers without having to continually call the same person.

#5 - Salary Advice

Companies can start off on the right foot with employees by offering them what they’re worth from the very start. Specialist recruitment agencies are able to use industry and geographical benchmarks to advise on the best salary packages.

Employees are assured that they will be paid fairly and valued whereas employers can be safe in the knowledge that they haven’t overpaid somebody for the position.

#6 - Unique Opportunities

Very often, agencies who deal specifically with one industry or another will build up contacts over the years. Those contacts are made up of businesses and corporations who know that the agency will always find the best person to suit the needs of their company.

These companies tend to remain loyal to those agencies and will ONLY make upcoming positions available through the recruitment team. This means that many agencies can have unique opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else.

#7 - Additional Help for Candidates

When a consultant finds an individual who seems to be a perfect fit for a position, they can use their background knowledge to really go into detail of what the client needs.

Because specialist recruitment consultants know their candidates and clients inside out, they speak the same language. For industries such as IT, this can be a huge benefit. Regular agency consultants might not have the first clue what a PHP Developer needs to do to impress a potential employer.


Using a recruitment agency is a great option for most people. But for those positions that require specific skills and knowledge, a specialist recruitment agency is always the better option.

Our team of expert consultants has been helping IT professionals find their ultimate role for years now. Get in touch with us today to find out where your future lies.

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