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Dress down days: benefit or burden?

Added: 19 November 2014

Dress down days: benefit or burden? First impressions. The way we dress is a form of non verbal communication.  In an interview , we use the way we dress to show that…

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Questions you might get asked at Interview

Added: 15 October 2014

We all get that dreaded feeling when we are about to walk into an interview. Guess what? At some point and time, the individual who is conducting your interview was…

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Why use a Recruitment Agency?

Added: 12 June 2014

If companies have Human Resources managers and job seekers can find almost every position in the nation on job boards online - why would anyone need to use a recruitment…

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3 Things to Remember when Writing a CV

Added: 29 May 2014

According to Labour Market Statistics from January 2014, the unemployment level has dropped by 7.1%. Fantastic news. However jobs that require certain qualifications and skills are still very in demand. For…

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7 Reasons to use a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Added: 19 May 2014

Recruitment agencies provide a number of benefits for both candidates and employers. However, not all industries are the same. And neither are recruitment agencies. This article explains what a specialist…

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